Measuring indoor journeys for ROI and safety
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Measure what matters to you

Retail KPIs to track your store's performance

Understand your customers by measuring foot traffic, conversions, interactions with products, dwell time, and more, then take actionable steps to optimize accordingly.

Use the customer heatmap to improve your retail space and maximize conversions.

Reveal hidden sales opportunities

Understand walk-by to walk-in conversion

Foot traffic is the opportunity to interact and engage with your shoppers. But, if shoppers walk by and don’t enter the store, you lose an opportunity.

Use FastSensor’s in-store analytics to better understand the effectiveness of your walk-by to walk-in conversion rate.

Build a complete, data-driven picture

Essential metrics to grow your business

Connect your current data stream and benefit from industry-standard metrics, including engagement, behavior profile, peak traffic hours, conversions, retail heatmap, and more.

From the sidewalk to checkout, compare metrics across locations to understand your customer journey and implement ROI-boosting optimizations.

Connect your insights to real results

Optimize customer journey, store layout, and more!

Turn real-world analytics in your space into actionable improvements and enhance each customer experience.

See how customers engage with your window display or product to revise marketing efforts, staff allocation, and operational processes.

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All your data consolidated, analyzed, delivered

Connect data from a variety of sources to visualize your information in FastSensor’s retail dashboard,
or use our RESTful API to export to the analytic tool of your choice.

Benefit from FastSensor’s full suite of products

FastSensor Lite

Use our smart foot traffic sensor and door counter to better understand the effectiveness of your walk by to walk-in conversion rate.

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FastSensor Plus

Go one step further, adding insightful customer heatmaps and graphs that inspire smarter actions and boost your results.

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